See us on ITV Central News!!!

April 24, 2010

The premiere went brilliantly well – over 300 people loved our work and want to know when they can get it on DVD.  Watch this space!

Copy and paste this address to see a local news item all about the film:


April 21, 2010

Only two more days to go until Handle With Care gets its world premiere in front of 300 specially invited guests.  We can’t wait!  Posh frocks and sharp suits are the order of the day, we’ve got lots of local media interest, Josie’s joining us to see it for the first time.  Will report back soon!

The last day of filming!

February 27, 2010

Today is day 9/10-LAST FILMING DAY!!! 😦  🙂

Today is da last day 😦 🙂 .( Despite da weather & temperature  it was really good ).   We filmed at da  bandstand  at Mary Stevens park in Stourbridge (IT WAS FREEZING!!!)-(L)   .    We   were on time 4 once J  coz normally we r an hour & half late but we get it done!! Me –shush , Nick-Danny, Mel-Emma, Lawrence –Dad &Becca-mom r da only 1s here  coz Becca and Lawrence ave gotta argue & Nick as 2 carry Mel down da stairs when we meet Lawrence

At da bottom and I scream-(which is gonna kill my throat L) The editing will probably take 3  weeks 2 put 2gether  and we will look at da 1st edit .  & on da 23rd of April will ave da premier at a large cinemea –(probably Odeon or showcase)in Dudley (Date 2 be confirmed) 🙂 .  In a way da week has gone fast but I’m exhausted but it was an experience I’ll never forget .  I cor wait 2  c da whole film and c me on da big screen !!! 🙂

In a bit we will be filming and I cor wait  2 scream .

4:09 Monty-da dog is sitting with me as I write this  Blog and I am really looking 4ward 2 filming and in my opinion  the film that comes out at da end of this will pay of 4 our exhaustion ( – oh I got up at 7:00 this morning )- jokin!  Chatbacks amazing  if u r a young adult  -(age11-18)in care or who’s parents who r carers & live close 2 Dudley and u get da chance 2 join chatback I’d take coz  its amazing  ( and sometimes we go 2 London coz in July we performed at  a hotel in London-(in a posh hotel) and at da black country museum  🙂


School on a Saturday…

February 27, 2010

Rheana writes:

Today is day 8: – At Kingswinford  school .   Right now  Tammy ,  Donna ,  Kyle  and Mel is doing da classroom scene.  Andy ( Mr Sandwell) is also doing it. I’ve just interviewed some members of da cast and will continue 2  they ave finished da scene they r doing now. We ave got 23 extras from da school they are here 2 help us and ave given up there Saturday 2 do this . Da people I ave interviewed think chatback is really good. J 2 morrow I will interview  some more people 2 morrow!!!

Cut scenes and compromises…

February 27, 2010

Here we are today on Saturday 20th February and today is our 8th day of filming. Everyone is tired and moody but we are all trying our best to stay focused and get on with the filming. There was a bit of argueing on Tuesday due to tiredness, it had been a long day and everybody was fed up of everyone. We had had a few late nights over the weekend and as a result of this everyone was a little bit moody. Nick AKA Danny had been filming all day and was finding it a little hard to express himself. They had to keep on filming the same scene until our directors, Matt & Vince thought it looked right. It was a gruelling task but we got there in the end. We ran over a little bit because of the amount of times we had to film that one scene, therefore there wasn’t anytime to film the next scene. We are on a very tight schedule and there wasn’t anytime to fit the scene in. but we couldn’t cut it out completely because it was a crucial part of the film therefore we needed the scene. Matt and Vince therefore decided to do the scene in the way we wanted, but also in the way that was possible. A compromise. This didn’t go down very well with some of the cast. We were all annoyed and frustrated with matt and Vince because we really wanted to film this scene but we couldn’t. Me, Vikky, Ben, Rheana, Nicole, Brad, Karen and Jane went to McDonalds and thought of other ways we could do our scene, like when people were available, what days were available and what equipment was available. We knew that we wouldn’t be able to do that scene in the way we wanted but we were open to new ideas and new ways of doing what we wanted in the time that was available.

We then sat down together with Matt & Vince and we put our ideas to them and listened to what they thought was possible to do. They listened to all our ideas and in the end we decided to come to a compromise. Instead of actually filming the scene, we decided to add some graphics in, like pictures of us, and do a voice over. At first I wasn’t really happy with the compromise but I soon came round to the idea. Although at first people weren’t happy with the compromise, everybody slowly started to accept the new plan as we wanted to avoid any arguments.

And now for today. We all arrived at Kingswinford High School at 8:30 and we were all up for a new day of filming. For the scenes we were shooting today, we needed 20 – 30 extras. They all turned up and were all very friendly and welcoming, as most of them go to Kingswinford School. We are currently shooting some scenes, but not everyone is needed therefore there is a lot of waiting around. I have seen some of the filming and it is all looking positive so far. We are trying to keep to the time schedule but it is hard to know how long each scene will take to film.

Will update you more soon

Written by Chelseaaa (:

Friday 19th and Saturday 20th by Vikky

February 27, 2010

On Friday 19th Febuary, me (Vikky) and the rest of the gang met up at Hammersley Close and did a scene where the gang had to walk seriously towards the camera, we did this in a  serious way, the gang were getting ready to rescue Emma from the house, this scene shows us walking towards the house. He had to look cooky and serious. For this scene we did a lot of takes but it did turn out good. When this is all done this scene will be done in slow motion, which will build tension.  THIS IS GONNA BE GOOD!!!!

Today is Sataurday 20th Febuary, today we are filming at Kingswinford School , there is a lot of us today, the gang, Emma, bullys, Scar etc and extras. The different scenes we will be doing today are the bullys and Emma are doing the classroom scene and me and the gang will be doing the canteen scene, where me and Chelsea who plays Sian, who are the twins are arguing over a sandwich. At the moment we are waiting to film our part, so we talking, munching and drinking.

What we did on Valentine’s Day

February 27, 2010

It was DAY THREE of our filming week!  Here’s how Rheana recorded what went on…

It’s been a long day but Amelia (Emma) has done a lot of scenes.

The first thing we did as soon as we got here was eat lasagne –which was very nice!!! Then Becca Short (mom) and Lawrance Saunders (dad) and Mel (Emma) did a few scenes in the kitchen and then after that Mel did a few scenes in the bedroom with Sam(scar) Which was really good .

Me and Nick have to film in a bit which we will probably be here till 11oclock.

We are really tired and have wanted to film for ages! Right now me and Nick are watching 50 first dates. Mel is filming and we will be soon filming outside and it is going to be freezing.  When I get de-motivated I get really angry and scream and tell people to go away or drop dead-I can lose my temper easy if I am very tired.  Right now Jim is loading the footage into the computer.  8:20- me and Nick have just finished filming upstairs.  Mel did some filming with us and now Jane and Karen have just got us some chips and after we have ate those we are going to film in the garden.

Me and Nick have just been filming in the garden. We had 2 run/crouch down the garden –(OH ITS HARDER THAN IT LOOKS!).  Da  scene is where me (Shush) and Nick (Danny) are running to the house to rescue Emma (Amelia).

Da hardest part about it is keeping to a certain height. Half way through Nick rolls on the floor and I was like what the fudge. At the end of the roll we carry on walking and then stop at our post (-WHICH WAS A BRICK DOUG –DA CAMERA MAN GAVE US).

Be4 we went into the garden we filmed in the bedroom where we find Emma half dead in a box-(She has been slitting her wrist with a pair of scissors, but in her fantasy world it is a piece of glass.)

We break through the door and pieces of it fly off, some of it hit Mel in the legs :S. I started to laugh in parts because Nick couldn’t say Emma right -_-.

Thank you for reading. (:

Chatback productions 😉

Written by Rheana with some help from Nick (the dude) :’D.

DAY 5,6,7 – where is the week going?

February 19, 2010

Suddenly it’s nearly Friday.  And there’s snow everywhere!

Today was another intense but productive day at the lovely Haden Hill House Museum over the border in Sandwell.. The staff there were lovely and for the first time on this shoot we were in the same room all day long.  And we wrapped only half an hour later than advertised!

Yesterday was a cold, crazy, snowy, busy day in Dudley Town Centre shooting the chase sequence.

The day before we were at a house in Kingswinford with Josie who told Karen later that 2 days on Chatback was more rewarding than 6 months on Eastenders… or words to that effect… YEAY!

We had to cut a really good scene that night as things ran on too long.  Trying to work out how to reclaim it as it’s a goodie.  Sure we’ll think of summat.

TOMORROW is another outdoor one.  We have asked about 15 local dancers from a local dance school to come and help out – not sure how they can dance in the snow though…

SATURDAY will be a huge day as pretty much EVERYONE from the group plus another 30 students from K’ford School are coming together to do the school sequences.  Let’s get that Beef and Mayo ready!

Day 2

February 14, 2010

Filming continues and is going strong. Everyone’s refueled and ready to film some exciting scenes. Hope we don’t go as late as last night! Keep up the great work everyone

Chatback are Filming

February 13, 2010

Chatback Productions are currently filming “Handle With Care” in the Dudley area. Today is day one. So far so good