Chatback are Filming

Chatback Productions are currently filming “Handle With Care” in the Dudley area. Today is day one. So far so good

6 Responses to “Chatback are Filming”

  1. Ben Says:

    Chat is wicked it’s the best even the food is wicked beans rock it is the best I love choclate I love jackets my foviout clothes are Nike I. Shop at netto girls are wicked and fit I love cream and cake

  2. Dave Says:

    It’s all going well. 20 past 1 and they’re still filming. Everyone is working really hard and it’s going to be great!

  3. Chatback Productions Says:

    Excellent! See you all again tomorrow!

  4. Chatback Productions Says:

    Day 1: Saturday…

    Boring boring boring guess what its boring lol joking this as been pucca bake beans have been wicked choclate was the best I had a snicker it was nice the colour packet was brown it melted in my mouth it was the best it was tender
    The grass was green where ive been it was good you would of seen I saw a dog and a flog I dug the ground I saw a ground.

    So, Ben, what REALLY has been happening?
    So today we entered the house we got a tour around then we sat down the first couple went in to film while people were filming we needed to be quiet

    Has anything been different from what you were expecting?

    I would have thought they would have been a little more fun, cos there was no TV to watch. `so when other people are filming you have got something else to do instead of sitting round making noise.

    What have you enjoyed????????
    I have enjoyed seeing every body working together like professionals also I enjoyed the baked potatoes and I liked seeing the story take shape
    What haven’t you enjoyed??????
    Seeing my moms house with so many people in it

    Jane told me how hard everyone has worked together and about all the improvements we’ve seen in people since they started working.


    What has

    Rheana’s BLOG: today was a long day we met da camra and lighting crew I have finished for today – I think.
    Da first one (scene) was in da garden in a bush it was freezing and EVENTULLY WE FINISHED – we had to stand up and down 4 like ages and I got really annoyin but that scenes done now and ready 4 editing so I hope it goes okay . Da second Scene is about me and danny going
    tomorrow I do a huge scream at Lawerance (dad) n

  5. Chatback Productions Says:

    End of day 2 or is it 3?

    Well we’ve finally finished at Mama Pearson’s. On to the next lucky location tomorrow!

  6. ben rollinson Says:

    i need chatback bored without it cant wait till premier

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