DAY 5,6,7 – where is the week going?

Suddenly it’s nearly Friday.  And there’s snow everywhere!

Today was another intense but productive day at the lovely Haden Hill House Museum over the border in Sandwell.. The staff there were lovely and for the first time on this shoot we were in the same room all day long.  And we wrapped only half an hour later than advertised!

Yesterday was a cold, crazy, snowy, busy day in Dudley Town Centre shooting the chase sequence.

The day before we were at a house in Kingswinford with Josie who told Karen later that 2 days on Chatback was more rewarding than 6 months on Eastenders… or words to that effect… YEAY!

We had to cut a really good scene that night as things ran on too long.  Trying to work out how to reclaim it as it’s a goodie.  Sure we’ll think of summat.

TOMORROW is another outdoor one.  We have asked about 15 local dancers from a local dance school to come and help out – not sure how they can dance in the snow though…

SATURDAY will be a huge day as pretty much EVERYONE from the group plus another 30 students from K’ford School are coming together to do the school sequences.  Let’s get that Beef and Mayo ready!

One Response to “DAY 5,6,7 – where is the week going?”

  1. Dave Says:

    Well done. Can’t wait to see it.

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