Cut scenes and compromises…

Here we are today on Saturday 20th February and today is our 8th day of filming. Everyone is tired and moody but we are all trying our best to stay focused and get on with the filming. There was a bit of argueing on Tuesday due to tiredness, it had been a long day and everybody was fed up of everyone. We had had a few late nights over the weekend and as a result of this everyone was a little bit moody. Nick AKA Danny had been filming all day and was finding it a little hard to express himself. They had to keep on filming the same scene until our directors, Matt & Vince thought it looked right. It was a gruelling task but we got there in the end. We ran over a little bit because of the amount of times we had to film that one scene, therefore there wasn’t anytime to film the next scene. We are on a very tight schedule and there wasn’t anytime to fit the scene in. but we couldn’t cut it out completely because it was a crucial part of the film therefore we needed the scene. Matt and Vince therefore decided to do the scene in the way we wanted, but also in the way that was possible. A compromise. This didn’t go down very well with some of the cast. We were all annoyed and frustrated with matt and Vince because we really wanted to film this scene but we couldn’t. Me, Vikky, Ben, Rheana, Nicole, Brad, Karen and Jane went to McDonalds and thought of other ways we could do our scene, like when people were available, what days were available and what equipment was available. We knew that we wouldn’t be able to do that scene in the way we wanted but we were open to new ideas and new ways of doing what we wanted in the time that was available.

We then sat down together with Matt & Vince and we put our ideas to them and listened to what they thought was possible to do. They listened to all our ideas and in the end we decided to come to a compromise. Instead of actually filming the scene, we decided to add some graphics in, like pictures of us, and do a voice over. At first I wasn’t really happy with the compromise but I soon came round to the idea. Although at first people weren’t happy with the compromise, everybody slowly started to accept the new plan as we wanted to avoid any arguments.

And now for today. We all arrived at Kingswinford High School at 8:30 and we were all up for a new day of filming. For the scenes we were shooting today, we needed 20 – 30 extras. They all turned up and were all very friendly and welcoming, as most of them go to Kingswinford School. We are currently shooting some scenes, but not everyone is needed therefore there is a lot of waiting around. I have seen some of the filming and it is all looking positive so far. We are trying to keep to the time schedule but it is hard to know how long each scene will take to film.

Will update you more soon

Written by Chelseaaa (:

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