Friday 19th and Saturday 20th by Vikky

On Friday 19th Febuary, me (Vikky) and the rest of the gang met up at Hammersley Close and did a scene where the gang had to walk seriously towards the camera, we did this in a  serious way, the gang were getting ready to rescue Emma from the house, this scene shows us walking towards the house. He had to look cooky and serious. For this scene we did a lot of takes but it did turn out good. When this is all done this scene will be done in slow motion, which will build tension.  THIS IS GONNA BE GOOD!!!!

Today is Sataurday 20th Febuary, today we are filming at Kingswinford School , there is a lot of us today, the gang, Emma, bullys, Scar etc and extras. The different scenes we will be doing today are the bullys and Emma are doing the classroom scene and me and the gang will be doing the canteen scene, where me and Chelsea who plays Sian, who are the twins are arguing over a sandwich. At the moment we are waiting to film our part, so we talking, munching and drinking.

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