What we did on Valentine’s Day

It was DAY THREE of our filming week!  Here’s how Rheana recorded what went on…

It’s been a long day but Amelia (Emma) has done a lot of scenes.

The first thing we did as soon as we got here was eat lasagne –which was very nice!!! Then Becca Short (mom) and Lawrance Saunders (dad) and Mel (Emma) did a few scenes in the kitchen and then after that Mel did a few scenes in the bedroom with Sam(scar) Which was really good .

Me and Nick have to film in a bit which we will probably be here till 11oclock.

We are really tired and have wanted to film for ages! Right now me and Nick are watching 50 first dates. Mel is filming and we will be soon filming outside and it is going to be freezing.  When I get de-motivated I get really angry and scream and tell people to go away or drop dead-I can lose my temper easy if I am very tired.  Right now Jim is loading the footage into the computer.  8:20- me and Nick have just finished filming upstairs.  Mel did some filming with us and now Jane and Karen have just got us some chips and after we have ate those we are going to film in the garden.

Me and Nick have just been filming in the garden. We had 2 run/crouch down the garden –(OH ITS HARDER THAN IT LOOKS!).  Da  scene is where me (Shush) and Nick (Danny) are running to the house to rescue Emma (Amelia).

Da hardest part about it is keeping to a certain height. Half way through Nick rolls on the floor and I was like what the fudge. At the end of the roll we carry on walking and then stop at our post (-WHICH WAS A BRICK DOUG –DA CAMERA MAN GAVE US).

Be4 we went into the garden we filmed in the bedroom where we find Emma half dead in a box-(She has been slitting her wrist with a pair of scissors, but in her fantasy world it is a piece of glass.)

We break through the door and pieces of it fly off, some of it hit Mel in the legs :S. I started to laugh in parts because Nick couldn’t say Emma right -_-.

Thank you for reading. (:

Chatback productions 😉

Written by Rheana with some help from Nick (the dude) :’D.

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